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The Cortona Friends Association

We are a group of Cortona Week enthusiasts with a firm commitment of keeping the Cortona idea and mission alive. For this purpose, we have founded a non-profit organisation — an Italian APS (Associazione di Promozione Sociale) based in Rome with a regular Statute (in Italian). The main goal of this APS is to promote the continuation of the Cortona Week project, in particular aimed at the fostering of a new class of world leaders.

The first of our experiments took place from the 23- 30 June 2018 in Todi, with the Cortona Week in Todi intended as a rejuvenation and re-birth of the Cortona Week. This intent of renovation and rebirth has also driven us to the new location, Todi, in Umbria, which has been chosen for its beauty and liveability (an international panel defined it the most liveable city in the world). The success of the event lead to a second Cortona Week in Todi in 2019.

With the global pandemic of Covid-19 we switched format launching the Cortona Pearls online seminars.

In 2022 we were back in Certosa di Pontignano (26 June-3 July), a real trip down memory lane for many “Cortonians”!

In 2023 we were again back in Certosa di Pontignano (16 July – 23 July): it was a great success.

See you in May 2024 in in Prato at Fraternità San Leonardo al Palco!

The history and content of the original Cortona Week and the details of the Cortona Week in Todi can be found in this web site.

Our Cortona Friends Association consists of about 40 members and is open to all those who believe in the principles of the Cortona Week. Please join us and be with us! The individual memberhsip fee is 100 euro/year, and  you may also become a supporting member with 1000 euro or more.

Cortona Friends Association yearly membership fee (EUR 100)

The Association’s Chairman, Prof. P.L. Luisi, is seconded by  a volunteer staff of several young and international scientists and entrepreneurs.

Besides the Cortona Weeks in Todi, it is our intention to plan, according to our Statute, additional events (e.g. working weekends) throughout the year. At the moment, all these activities are self-financed for lack of a major sponsor. We are setting up crowdfunding and other funding initiatives, and we would be happy if you helped by spreading the word of the new Cortona generation and the need for financial support.