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Consciousness and an Evolution Coherent with the Life We Are

Anna Bacchia

The nature of Life is recognized by the most advanced frontiers of Science as Consciousness, Void → that manifests itself in the dimensions of space-time as frequencies, waves, information. An ocean of waves in which ‘we are immersed’ and of which ‘we are made’.

Every human being, in his infinite number of re-sounding frequencies, interfaces in a local and non-local way the field of existence, from which he is not separate, he is not ‘other’.

A man, in himself, floods and informs the field with each of his thoughts and his frequencies of vibration, which influence his biology, any interrelation of him, as well as the whole reality.

In the context of the international educational programs which I offer, based on 40 years of my research on the nature of intuitive and creative processes, I bring people to consciously experience the interrelation between the self and the information emerging from the field of existence, through INtuitive INsight and INtelligence, ÌNIN: an unexplored experience of Intuition.

In such ÌNIN process, man is in-form-ed by such intuitive frequencies, and is brought to give form to them: as new discoveries, creations, actions, projects, which are coherent with the emerging questions, needs and exigencies.

Through processes of sensitive perception and resonance, such intuitive experiences develop their nonlocal nature, as well as an anà-logic thinking and envisioning which grasp and recognize the nature of existence beyond duality and causality, and beyond the conception of a partitioned reality.

The ÌNIN experiences engender creative processes which manifest their coherence with the nature of the life which we are: where creator, creation and creating are one. Where archer and target are no longer two.

At Cortona Week I propose to explore the unrepeatable uniqueness of such processes. Not through an intellectual approach, but within an intuitive experience which naturally expands our creative consciousness. An experience that, in our complex reality – according to the image created by the mathematician Edward Lorenz – vibrates like ‘the butterfly’s wing beat’: where everyone can be a responsible aware instrument of a profound vital evolutive transformation.