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Antonino Galloni

Antonino Galloni
Current Position
Italian economist, Statutory Auditor of Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS); advisor to M3 Finanziaria. He has been a visiting professor at Luiss University of Rome, the University of Rome, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the University of Modena, and at the University of Naples. Galloni was also General Manager, at the Ministry of Labor (from 1990 to 2002) to Cooperation, the Labor Market Observatory, Youth Employment Policies and Extraordinary Redundancy Funds in large companies. He also held the post of mayor at INPDAP , INPS , INAIL from 2002 to 2018 representing the Ministry of Labor and the OECD. He is President of the Centro Studi Monetari, an association for the study of financial markets and forms of money that can be issued without creating public debt.