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Computer science and spirituality


What is life? The answer appears to be in our reach but conclusion still seems far away. It is the most important question for all of us because we ourselves are life. In spiritual tradition of Vedanta, life is defined as combination of matter and spirit. Matter and spirit are two fundamentally different categories of reality. Life we see in this world is a result of interaction between matter and spirit. Matter is further categorized into our visible gross bodies and our subtle mind, intelligence and false identification (ego). Matter and spirit are both described as eternal, however matter can undergo transformation into the variety we see in this world including mind, intelligence and ego. Taking insights from Dr. T. D. Singh, who mastered the art of presenting difficult spiritual concepts in a simple manner for modern scientific minds, we attempt to present here the spiritual concepts of mind, intelligence and false ego and the real ‘I’ in terms of their functions using an example of a computer simulated game and simultaneously drawing parallels with the concepts in physics. We will also have some glimpse into absolute and relative space and time using the same model.