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Cortona 2022 – Rebirth

by CortonaFriends | August 2nd, 2021

Dear Cortona friends

You know too well that because of the Covid, we had to cancel the Cortona week for the last two years. We are now perhaps at the end of this nightmare-and we can start again with a meeting in presence next year – with the due, prescribed sanitary precautions. It will be from Sunday June 26th to Sunday July 3rd 2022, in one of the most beautiful spots in Tuscany, Certosa di Pontignano, near Siena. See its beauty, as far as possible,  in internet.

We have already a program for the next Cortona, and shortly you will be able to see a preliminary form of it in our web page, www.cortonafriends.org. Let me anticipate that you will find great personalities like Federico Faggin, Fritjof Capra, Stuart Kauffman and Jrry Pollackfrom the United States; and Christer Soedenberg and Tomas Bjorgman from Scandinavia, Francesco Lapenta and Marinella de Simoni from Italy, Luis de la Calle from Geneve,…and many others. And in addition to the lectures, to demonstrate that multidisciplinarity and system thinking is not simply something to talk about, but also to enjoy experientially, we will have again experimental workshops in painting, in music, in acting, in psychology, with meditation and yoga as well-with great teachers like Maneka Gandhi from India, Tony Majadalani and Andeas Schneider from Zurich,  Sham Alhossein from Koeln, Franco Bertossa from Italy, Varun and Vaduseva from India.

Let me remind you that the work we are doing in the Cortona week has taken an additional value in this period, as one of the things that the Pandemic has been teaching us, is that not only the Covid, but all major world problems are systemic, and to face them we need therefore leaders provided with a systemic and multidisciplinary way of thinking- which is the kind of teaching we have been doing since our constitution.

So, finally:  you will find the registration for the Cortona week 2022 at la Certosa. We decided on a limited number of participants (110), so as to have the usual familiar atmosphere—so, hurry up with reservation. Let me add that according to the fiscal rules concerning Associations like ours, financial transactions (like fees, reimbursements, honorarium…) are only possible among the members of the Association itself- in other words, in order to register, you have to be APS members, having paid the annual fee. If you have already done that in 2021, all ok; otherwise, you make the membership whenever you like, for example when you make the registration. 

An old friend of Cortona remarked to me, that the Cortona week is like the mythical phoenix- “l’araba fenice”- that dies but is able to resurrect from its own ashes. And this is why we have give the next Cortona week the title “Rinascita”. Another way to emphasize the classic logo of the Cortona week: science and the wholeness of life. Let’s hope it is a rinascita for all our work and our dreams

see you at la Certosa next summer – luigi

(Pier Luigi Luisi) founder of the Cortona-week and present organiser

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