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Fashion as art: a multi-awarded video-movie about Roberto Capucci

Ottavio Rosati

“La Moda Proibita: Roberto Capucci e il futuro dell’Alta Moda” is an independent Italian production about the famous couturier that was created to snatch the primacy of Tyrnauer’s film on Valentino (“The Last Emperor”), making a work that used 3-D to depict the the works of a tailor brought closer by critics to architecture than to design. The work lasted eight years and went through many difficulties

before being saved in extremis by the intervention of Elda Ferri (Oscar-winning producer of Jean Vigo Italia) and the Istituto Luce Cinecittà. The reasons for the presentation of this docufilm at the Cortona Weeks are twofold: first, to pay tribute to an artist convinced that “those who are in fashion, are already out of fashion” and who wanted to put his expressive intentions before commercial success; second, it is the paradoxical and meaningful adventure of a group of young film makers who clashed with the personality of a creative not accustomed to dialogue with the new generation and led to the supremacy of despotic whim over the reasons of commerce and production television.