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Federica Fratini

Federica Fratini
Current Position
Researcher at the Italian National Health Institute
Graduated in Chemistry, PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Master in Scientific Communication and Journalism. Researcher at the Italian National Health Institute, she deals with proteomics applied to host-pathogen interactions and the identification of diagnostic biomarkers. Participate in the Humanist Movement since 2001 by collaborating with educational and health-prevention campaigns in developing countries. From 2007 to 2010 she was local coordinator of the international organization World Without Wars and Violence and participated to the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. Since 2009 she is involved in scientific spreading and awareness-raising for the ethical use of science and in 2011 joined the World Center of Humanist Studies participating to the realization of the World Symposium every two years. In 2012, starts the Center of Humanist Studies "Science and Spirituality": devoted to the study, research, deepening and dissemination of the thought and vision of Universalist Humanism and its application to the problems of society, with particular regard to global issues such as human rights, peace and environmental protection. It recognizes the need for a social, cultural and spiritual renewal of the human being encouraging every tendency to the development of knowledge by promoting structural, dynamic, relational and critical thinking, systemic and complex thinking.