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Tradition: a museum object? – Music’s role in education and human development

Luis Alberto De La Calle Aramburu

The lecture/flute performance deals with the didactic analysis of the teaching contents of the Andean traditional music and the ways of transmission from three workshops held in Chile and in Switzerland in the first semester of the year 2013. We have constituted a corpus of research from observations of transmission practices (filmed and transcribed) and interviews conducted in parallel to these workshops about the Andean endblown flute, the Andean pan flute and the Andean collective way to perform this music, led by three experts: an ethnomusicologist and two folk musicians. These ways of transmission are also compared with my experiences in learning musical traditions in three other cultures: Noh theater from Japan, Vaisnava music from India and the western classical music. We have practiced a qualitative clinical type analysis. We describe the characteristic processes of this teaching and its aspects related to the processes of didactic transposition according to three types of knowledge: 1. conceptual knowledge of cultural uses, 2. the discourse on practices and 3. the role of musical performance