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Giovanni Scapagnini

Giovanni Scapagnini
Science and the Wholeness of Life
The Underwater Eden
Current Position
Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Molise, Campobasso
Prof, Giovanni Scapagnini, MD, PhD was born in Naples on 31/08/1966. He has graduated in 1992 from the School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Catania. He earned his PhD in Neurobiology in 2000. He held Research Assistant Professor positions at Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Rockville, MD (2000-2003), and at the Institute of Neurological Sciences, Italian National Research Council (2003-2006). Since 2004, he's been a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland. Currently he is full Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Molise, Campobasso, he is Vice-President and Founder of the Italian Society of Nutraceuticals (SINUT) and Founder/Scientific Director of the ONLUS Foundation "GardaValley" Calzedonia Group. His research focuses on aging, neurodegenerative disorders, and nutrient-activated signaling pathways related to lifespan regulation. He's been an invited speaker at 300+ national and international congresses, author of 175 scientific publications, 50 book chapters, and holder of 41 patents