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Hortense Reintjens

Hortense Reintjens
Cortona Week 2022 Rebirth
Nature and the Sacred
Current Position
Lecturer at the Institute of Ethnology, University Cologne
Born in 1938 in Maastricht, Holland, Hortense moves to Cologne to study general history, cultural anthropology, ethnology, psychology and Hispanic-Latin-American history and graduates in Ethnology in 1972. She works as part of the scientific staff of ethnological museum in Cologne from 1972 to 1976 and teaches ethnology and ethno-medicin at the University of Cologne until 1997, when she undertakes the study of Catholic theology at the S. Augustine faculty of the Bonn University. In parallel, she has devoted her interests to homeopathy and discussion therapy. From 1991 she leads seminars on ethno-religious topics in Sinai, Egypt.