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In Dialogue with ‘his’ Life, Man Creates Reality

Anna Bacchia

The nature of Life is recognized by the most advanced frontiers of Science as Consciousness, Void -> that manifests itself in the dimensions of space-time as frequencies, waves, information. An ocean of waves in which “we are immersed” and of which “we are made”.

Every human being, in his infinite number of resonable frequencies, interfaces and accesses in a local and non-local way the field of existence, with his own spectra and modalities, which distinguish him in his relationship with the world.

A man, in himself, alone, floods and informs the Field with his frequencies of vibration, that express his presence in the real world: a reality not ‘other’ than man, that man engenders: a reality that ‘gives itself’, emerges, manifests itself as his own perfect projection.

In the context of the international educational programs which I offer, I bring people to consciously experience the ‘dialogue’ between the self and the information emerging from the field of existence, through Intuitive Intelligence: an unexplored Intuition, which grasps how the dialogue between the self and existence orients man towards his coherence with life: where archer and target are no longer two.

At the same time, the semantics, meanings, and values that humans attribute to emerging information may depend on perceptive sensitivity, models, beliefs, memories, and self-insight. And in any case, they depend on states and configurations that have occurred throughout past evolutionary history.

Thus, in the manifest dimensions of his local life, man can experience that: “everything manifests itself to him like this, because his degree of self-insight and his responsible evolutionary consciousness manifests itself like this“.

At Cortona week 2022 in Pontignano I propose the experience of the unrepeatable uniqueness of such processes of interrelation between man and reality: an unexplored intuitive insight that grasps unity and allness as undivided, not by means of a conceptual logic, but within an immediate natural intuitive perception. A perception that, in a complex reality – according to the image created by the mathematician Edward Lorenz – vibrates like ‘the butterfly’s wing beat’: capable of generating the effect of a profound vital evolutionary transformation.