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Inside Out. Spontaneous Theatre

Alok Ulfat

Most of us feel the need to grow from the present stage to the next. We strive to find perfection. Within us, there is an entire universe. But it is not so easy to get in touch with our subtle energies and therefore many of us do not even make an effort to find what is missing. I feel one does not have to be alone on this journey of self-discovery. We are here to mirror each other and find our unlimited potential. Joyful exercises, Intuitive movement and working together are amazing vehicles of active self-discovery. We shall do all of it and more.
Together we shall delve in the unknown of our selves, touch subconscious impulses and express creatively what we feel and think.

Process and Tools of the Workshop.
The process and content of the workshop is to help individuals to observe and
 work with themselves through the marvelous medium of performing Arts.
During the week the participants shall work with ‘Avikal Kriya’ (a process conceptualized and created by Alok Ulfat) that helps in observing the qualities of five elements; like Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space to perceive our own innate qualities.
We shall further strengthen our awareness and imagination by playing games and 
doing theatre improvisation. We will work with movement, explore our senses and
 enrich each other by sharing our talents and perceptions.
We will also work spontaneously with silence, voice and speech. We will observe ourselves and 
the world around us with utmost attention and try to go 
beyond the world of measurements and calculations.
One does not have to be an experienced artist. Just come and join us and let us work together to 
find out what we have and can offer.

Pravin Dighe
Pravin is an actor and dancer from Avikal Theatre Company India.
He will be assisting Alok Ulfat.