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“Is there anything absolutely true that we can find in us?” Meditations and dialogues.

Franco Bertossa

My workshop consists in a path to discover significant places for wisdom that can be identified inside our body. 
It will be conducted in a mieutic way: you will be the protagonist of that inner discovery path.

Firstly we will investigate if within each of us there is a specific point, a seat of awake-consciousness, of the “I-that-mindfully-perceives”.
Indian Tantra and Yoga traditions names it as Mahabindu.
Secondly we will investigate if, starting from the point mentioned above, it is possible to intuit a deeper consciousness, the so-called “heart-consciousness”, form which the “awake-consciousness” emerges. 
In this context we will ask ourselves if this heart-consciousness reveals itself as the “consciousness continuum” that survives death, referred to by some Buddhist Tantric schools.
Thirdly we will try to understand if our deepest feelings – in the tones of amazement, interest, curiosity, fear … – are a kind of originally significant voice, also philosophically, with its own grammar that we can learn.
We will then explore transcendental dimension of thought, namely that which must be already present before the sprouting of any possible process of knowledge: an a-priori.
Eventually starting from my experience as an Aikido master (7th Dan, with 45 years of martial practice) I will guide participants to tangible aspects of mind-body coordination.
We will consider these issues also from the perspective of meditation.
At the end of the path we will ask ourselves if we have discovered and touched something certain, absolute and undoubtedly true about us and in us.
Wear comfortable clothes.