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Joachim Eble

 Joachim Eble

“RE-HUMANISE URBAN AREAS: A global vision in a challenge for the future”

Current Position
Architect and urban designer
Joachim Eble Tuebingen is an architect and urban designer. He is the founder and owner of Joachim Eble Architektur, one of Europe’s leading sustainable design firms and a pioneer in the field of indoor environmental quality, eco-architecture and sustainable urbanism. Eble is specialized in sustainable design across all scale levels of master-planning and architecture. He is involved in research and development projects in Germany, throughout Europe, in Taiwan and in the Middle East. He is also a sustainability consultant on climate-responsive urban design, renewable energy and water conservation strategies derived from experiences with model projects, national and international research projects and participation in international planning organizations.
2006 - La Mansarderie Parijsch Culemborg, Residential complex in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2006 - EXPO Newcastle

2003-2005 - Arkadien Steinheim