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John Wolf Brennan

John Wolf Brennan
Current Position
Composer, performer, improvisor, pianist and organist
Calculated Ecstasy (THE IRISH TIMES) Celtic Roots and Swiss Watchmaker Precision(The Wire, London) John Wolf Brennan was born in Dublin, Ireland. Internationally known as a composer, performer, improvisor, pianist and organist, Brennan has performed his music throughout Europe, Russia, Canada, China, the Ukraine, the USA and Japan. He has has earned worldwide recognition and received many awards, grants and commissions. Brennan is a member of several international groups including Pago Libre with Arkady Shilkloper (horn, alphorn), Florian Mayer (violin) and Tom Götze (bass); Pilgrims with Tony Majdalani & Marco Jencarelli, a trio with Christian Zehnder (voice) & Arkady Shilkloper, Triangulation with Christy Doran (guitars) & Patrice Héral (perc), Sculpted Sound with Magda Vogel (voice), MeMo with Maria Gehrig (violin), Hanspeter Wigger (tp, flh, alphorn) & Jürg Nietlispach (b). Latest projects: got hard LIVE at Alpentöne Festival, Oriental Orbit (with Tony Majdalani), Sonic Roots, Tarkus and other love stories, The Speed of Dark (solopiano), FAKE FOLK (Pago Libre), platzDADA! (Deutscher Schallplattenpreis), Whirligigs (Triangulation). Lives in Weggis, Lake Lucerne.