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Let’s make our life a masterpiece


Let’s make our life a masterpiece

About working and life skills
We enter life forgetting about our existential plan. 
From the moment of conception we start building our background, our experiences and our knowledge in order to handle our journey into this world.
Each one of us hosts an inner child with whom to walk together in life.
We were born, we grow and we live in relationship with others: in families as well as in local and global communities.
Our personal background and experiences are at the same time our treasure and our cage.
Nowadays we are witnessing to a disproportionate development of cognitive abilities in parallel to a stall and a decrease of the emotional and social ones.
We all enter the labour market after long school studies and after different relational experiences.
We must face interpersonal relationships when we are at work as well.
It is impossible to think that we can avoid any type of emotional and relational involvement.
In life each one of us must manage a considerable network of people and relationships.
The most important qualities in life, as well as in the labour market,  are the relational and communication abilities . These working skills are aspects of the emotional intelligence that we are all able to comprehend and to put into practice.

The workshop, throughout teamworks and visualizations, will show how and what to do in order to transform our working experience into a great opportunity to evolve as people and as a society.

Visualization: The tape of our life

Guided practical experience.
The working life novel of our original family.
The movie of our working life.