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Let’s share new thoughts for a regener-Action


Slow Food is a global movement acting together to ensure good, clean and fair food for all.

Our mission is to cultivate  a  worldwide  network of local  communities and  activists  who  defend  cultural and  biological  diversity, promote food education as well as the transfer of traditional knowledge and skills, and  influence  policies in public and private sectors.

Our approach is based on three interconnected principles: Good, Cleand and Fairgood, cause we stand  for culturally-appropriate food as a right for everyone; we support  local  and  resilient food  systems which regenerate  the  Earth’s  precious  resources  rather  than  deplete  them;  we  help  build  economies  based  on  solidarity,  cooperation,  inclusion  and  equality.

Slow Food is a global network of local groups such as Convivia and Communities. Slow Food is active around the world thanks to an extensive network of volunteer activists, and close collaboration with other associations and institutions. 

We defend biodiversity, cause we believe that our future as inhabitants of this planet is dependent on conserving natural resources and preserving biodiversity. Slow Food defends biological and cultural biodiversity, through differents projects such as Presidia, Ark of Taste, Slow Food Gardens in Africa, Slow Food Earth Markets and others. 

Slow Food educates, inspires, and mobilizes people through: Developing communications materials and launching campaigns to increase awareness about the food system and to change behavior. 

We advocate, cause real change requires a legal framework geared toward good, clean and fair food.

We organise international events dedicated to good, clean, and fair food and to food politics. Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, Cheese, Terra Madre Day, Disco Soup, Slow Fish.

We built thematic networks that are inclusive, and add new experiences within Slow Food such as Slow fooc coffe coalition, Indigenous Peoples, Migrant Communities Youth Network.