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Luisa Damiano

Luisa Damiano
Current Position
Associate Professor, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations, University of Messina
Luisa Damiano is Associate Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Messina (Italy), where she coordinates the Research Group on Epistemology of the Sciences of the Artificial (RG-ESA). Her main research fields are: Epistemology of the Sciences of Complex Systems; Epistemology of the Cognitive Sciences and Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Biology; Epistemology of the Sciences of the Artificial. On topics related to these domains she wrote many articles and two books (Unità in dialogo, Mondadori, Milano 2009; Living with Robots, with P. Dumouchel, Harvard University Press, 2017, originally published in French by Le Seuil, 2016), and she co-edited three journal special issues (Artificial Empathy, International Journal of Social Robotics; What can Synthetic Biology offer to Artificial Intelligence (and vice versa)?”, BioSystems; Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence. Towards Cross-fertilization, Complex Systems).
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Dumouchel P., Damiano L. [2017], Living with robots, Harvard University Press (tr. into Korean, HEEDAM, under contract; tr. into Italian, Cortina, under contract; from Dumouchel P., Damiano L., 2016, Vivre avec les robots, Seuil, Paris)

Damiano L., Dumouchel P., Lehmann H. (Eds.), [2015], Artificial Empathy. An Interdisciplinary Investigation, International Journal of Social Robotics, Special Issue, 7