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Marino Moretti

Marino Moretti
Current Position
artist, painter
Marino Moretti was born in Orvieto in 1965 and began his artistic career at the end of the seventies opening his first workshop. Early on he began experimenting with various techniques, including majolica, slips, bucchero, glazes, oxides and transparent overglazing on terracotta and refractory clay. His first one-man show in the gallery "At Duomo" in Orvieto dates to 1982. He thereafter exhibited in Bologna, Turin, Montelupo Fiorentino, Rome; New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco; Melbourne, Australia, and Toronto, Canada. More recently Marino has had the chance to work with international ceramist artists such as Walter Ostrom, Derek Smith, Les Blakeborough, Matthias Ostermann and Victor Greenaway, with some of whom Marino organises courses of ceramic painting where various techniques of surface decoration are put into practice. Several years ago he moved his workshop/gallery to the spacious premises on the ground floor of the castle fortress of Viceno, a hamlet overlooking the city of Orvieto, where he and his family live as well.