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Matteo Allegretti

Matteo Allegretti
Current Position
Post-doctoral researcher at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany
Matteo Allegretti is an enthusiast post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Martin Beck group. In his academic research he uses different imaging techniques (electron and light microscopy) to describe cellular mechanisms at different scales and resolutions. Currently his focus is on the cell nucleus and nuclear pore complexes, hallmark of all eukaryotic cells. He studied biological sciences at the University of Roma Tre where he obtained his Master in biochemistry of macromolecules under the supervision of prof. Dr. PierLuigi Luisi with a thesis on lipid vesicles as cellular models in an origin-of-life scenario. He loves membrane systems, receptive borders between an internal and an external environment, thus he moved for his PhD to Frankfurt am Main at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics. There he investigated the structure/function of ATP-synthases, membrane proteins involved in the generation of the energy currency of all living cells, in the group of prof. Dr. Werner Kühlbrandt. His main curiosity is in the search of emergent principles which disclose the beauty of cellular organization. As other interests, he is keen on social themes and poetic expressions, while running and mountain hikes gives him inner serenity and inspirations.