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Message from Iso Camartin

by CortonaFriends | September 28th, 2017

Iso Camartin wrote a letter to Pier Luigi Luisi whose first part I was asked to translate and publish. It is a wish for the future of the Todi week. Thank you so much Iso.

The most important thing for me is that the old circle of Cortona friends does not plan this new edition for themselves, but for the young students of today and the scientists and scholars of tomorrow. A new Cortona makes sense for me only if we, the old generation, want that Cortona goes on, meaning there are higher education institutions from the fields of natural sciences, humanistic and art sciences, which endorse your original idea.

For whom is Cortona actually made? If it is only for the old friends of the former Cortona, people can also meet once a year for two days at their own expenses in a nice place and continue the thought exchange. Forgive my frankness, but we do not want to breed illusions at our advanced age, or give sugar to our own monkey!

If the young thinkers of today have enough motivation to fight for Cortona to stay alive: Wonderful! If not, we must recognize that alternatives must be found. Not from us, but from the followers.

A big hug,
Iso (Iso Camartin)

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