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Morning meditation and yoga

K. Vasudeva Rao
Varun Agarwal

What is meditation and what is yoga? What are they meant for? How they can help us to have healthy body and peaceful mind which we all look for? Meditation and Yoga provides us healthy body, focused and peaceful mind, positive attitude in life, and a loving heart, while taking us through a journey whereby we discover about our own self – our body, our mind, our emotions and how to heal them. Yoga actually means ‘the linking process’ with the divine and so the ultimate goal of yoga is to provide us unlimited joy and happiness in life. The ancient spiritual traditions provide immense details about meditation and yoga, which involves physical exercises, postures, breathing practices, mental focus, inner reflections and experiencing immense inner satisfaction. The present daily workshop in the morning will provide insights and practices towards these to enthuse energy and vitality among all the Todi week participants.