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Naveen Shamsudhin

Naveen Shamsudhin
Current Position
Lecturer in Robotics at ETH Zurich
Naveen has lived a third of his life each in India, in the Middle East and in Europe. He studied at ETH Zurich and completed his PhD at the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab, where he developed micro- and nanorobotic probes for unravelling the growth mechanics of single plant cells, collaborating with plant biologists and industrial research partners. Simultaneous to academic explorations, active collaborations with artists, film-makers and philosophers has led to a three month living exhibition at Helmhaus Zurich, a journey to Siberia to film a shaman, and co-organizing the workshop on Ethics of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. As a student participant of Cortona Week 2011, and a workshop leader at Cortona Week 2017 with Spirit of the Location, he is enthusiastic to create, develop and engage in transdisciplinary and transcultural spaces. He lives, works and plays in Zurich.