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New frontiers of psychodrama

Ottavio Rosati

Thanks to theoretical and technical innovations, psychodrama in recent years has developed new game techniques and clinical intervention. The discoveries of the psycho-neurologist Jaak Panksepp have allowed us to fully understand the relationship between play, emotion and intellectual reflection.
The “Psychomagic” by Alejandro Jodorowsky has revolutionized the concept of Spontaneity and Catharsis formulated by J. L, Moreno, father of psychodrama and of active techniques.

In his speech Ottavio Rosati illustrates three new therapeutic game techniques:
The “Bricconaggio” inspired by the turning points in the plots of Pirandello theater,
The “Chessboard” based on the combination and movement of action figures
The “Theater of Time” a new set-setting where the protagonist of a play interacts with images projected on mobile screens.