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Our Journey of Hope: A Path to Co- creating the Better World we are all Yearning for

Kamran Mofid

We have to build a better man before we can build a better society
Paul Tillich

Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value
Albert Einstein

Values:  To guard the hope, faith, love, courage, integrity, honesty, peace, justice, ecology, responsible leadership and humanity for the common good, that can lead us forward, because they are the foundation for our greatest thoughts, actions, and the hope for our individual/collective sustainability and progress which can never be cast asunder.

The future is indeed fraught with environmental, socio-economic, political, spiritual and security risks that could derail the progress towards the building of ‘The Future We Want’. However, although these serious challenges are confronting us, we can, if we are serious and sincere enough, overcome them by taking risks in the interest of the common good. One thing is clear: the main problem we face today is not the absence of technical, economic or monetary solutions, but rather the presence of moral and spiritual crises. This requires us to build broad global consensus on a vision that places values such as love, generosity, and caring for the common good into socio-political and economic practice, suggesting possibilities for healing and transforming our world.

What might be a path to wisdom, virtue, hope, happiness, harmony, peace with justice for the common good, to enable and empower us to build the better world we are all imagining? This, in short, is the gist of my presentation.