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Play Tai Ji & Qi Gong

Hans-Peter Sibler

In China – as in many other countries all over the world – millions of people start the day with Taiji and Qigong. The beautiful courtyard in the monastery gives us an ideal environment to enjoy time before breakfast on gentle movements and to experience the pleasant effect of Taiji and Qi­gong: Focusing between heaven and earth, centering, strength, energy­ flow, concentration and relaxation, inner calmness and serenity, clarity. Awareness and liveliness grow by the interplay of inner and outer movements. Simple exercises and enlightening metaphors revitalize our body and mind by opening the energy (Qi­) channels. Qigong and Taiji stimulate everybody, regardless of age, fitness or precognition – a joyful and easy way to wake up and start freshly our new day.