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Reconnection Ecology: A Path Forward

Susan B. Eirich

To solve our ecological and spiritual crises, human consciousness must expand to connect with ALL life, with its multitudes of wisdoms, intelligences and spirit. Susan will share paradigm-shifting stories and videos of what is possible with wild animals that help move us in this direction. We will explore the profound implications these stories illuminate, for our own healing and the healing of our Earth. Without being rooted in a deep connection to nature and the natural systems from which we arose, we will continue to attempt solutions that are too human-focused and narrow in scope to succeed.  

The sense of belonging engendered by deep connection with any wild being in nature, be it animal, tree, river, helps us go from a sense of dis-integration to integration; from dis-connection to the solace of connection; from the incoherence and chaos we sense around us to a sense of coherence. This calms us and helps us access the wisdom of nature – and our own nature. When we spend time with a being and allow ourselves to fall in love, channels open through which new information can flow, and we see the other as a source of wonder. By falling in love we have made ourselves receptive, and have invited nature to reciprocate in a life-affirming exchange of energy.