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Reconnection Ecology: Storytelling Our Way to a Livable Planet

Susan B. Eirich

Many of us have had profound moments of connection with a nonhuman being or element of nature, offering clues to a different way of living on our Earth. The three phases of Reconnection Ecology® – Reconnect, Trust, Act – offers a framework for understanding and applying these visceral or spiritual experiences to change the destructive trajectory we are on, and moving us to take action on behalf of all Life. Without being rooted in a deep connection to nature and the natural systems from which we arose, we will continue to attempt solutions that are too human-focused and narrow in scope.  

Scientific objectivity is invaluable but used alone it can disconnect us from our native wisdom.  We need both in order to have a more complete understanding of how natural systems work. Without connection, through which flows information that is elemental, primal – a visceral knowing – we make short-sighted environmental and technological decisions rather than decisions that enhance the long-term vitality of our Earth. We would also miss the invitation to join with the joyous essence of this resonant web of Life in which we are embedded.

Throughout our three experiential workshops, we will share profound or unexplainable experiences we have had in nature, or simply listen as we support one another in validating these life-changing encounters. It is through sharing our stories that they exert their inherent power, reaching the deepest levels of our human psyche where real change occurs. 

Workshop 1: Reconnecting, with reverence 

Reconnection Ecology® is a framework which changes how we think about ecology and which can be applied by anyone, anywhere. It’s an invitation to live in true companionship with nature, and then conduct our lives from the basis of that connection. In this workshop – while sharing stories –  we’ll talk about the importance of reverence as we explore reconnection.

Workshop 2:  Trusting the connection through sharing and support   

We humans are wired to turn away from what we don’t understand, or to respond to social (tribal) pressure from what we’re told is impossible. Seemingly unexplainable encounters with any nonhuman being or element of nature gain power through sharing, supporting the truth of what we have experienced.

Workshop 3: Acting with reciprocity and love

Supported in the truth of what we have experienced, or learned from others sharing, we’ll explore the roles of reciprocity and love as we move to creatively apply new insights toward how we conduct our personal lives and choose public policies that consider the best interests of all living beings.