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Cortona Pearl 8 – Franco Giovannelli

by CortonaFriends | November 27th, 2021

The Impact of Space Experiments on Our Knowledge of the Physics of the Universe

Introduction by Pierluigi Luisi, Chairman Cortona Friends Association


When the electromagnetic windows were opened at the beginning of 1970’s, a huge amount of experimental data became available for the international scientific community. The amount of data from radio wavelengths to gamma rays has exceeded that acquired in previous centuries by optical telescopes.

Thanks to these data, an important qualitative leap has been obtained in the knowledge of the physics that governs our universe.

In this seminar I will illustrate some examples which, in my opinion, are the pillars that support the bridge between the Big Bang and biology. Particular emphasis will be given to the discovery of more than 4,000 exoplanets which paves the way for the search for planets that could potentially host life forms.

At the same time I will briefly illustrate the behavior of “intelligent” humanity on our planet.


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