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2018 Todi Week booking

You can reserve your place for the 2018 Todi Week which will take place from 23rd to the 30th of June 2018 in Todi. There will be circa 100 participants, plus speakers and staff members. Such reservation is with no cost, but it will be held up until 31st of December 2017. If you want to secure your place at the 2018 Todi Week, you can pay the full €1,500.00 fee, which includes the €100.00 as the yearly Cortona Friends Memebership fee (if you are already a member of the Cortona Friends, then the Todi Week fee is €1,400.00).

You can withdraw at no cost up until the 30th of April 2018, after that date a 30% retention fee will be charged. If for any reason the 2018 Todi Week should not take place or should be scheduled in other dates, then you will be able to reclaim the full fee back at no cost.

You can use your credit card, and the credit card details will disappear immediately after the payment. We use the system Stripe, one of the most secure payment systems