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Science and Consciousness, Spirituality and Death

David Lorimer

Science and Consciousness, Spirituality and Death

The last 40 years have seen enormously significant developments in the interface between science, consciousness and spirituality. The near death experience first came to prominence with the work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross in the late 1960s, then the appearance of Life after Life by Raymond Moody in the mid-1970s. I myself joined the field with my 1984 publication Survival? Body, Mind and Death in the Light of Psychic Experience, then followed this up in 1990 with Whole in One – the Near Death Experience and the Ethic of Connectedness. This research suggests that death is not extinction, but rather a transition to a wider state of consciousness. It also indicates that we are fundamentally connected through a universal mind or consciousness, which means that we are in a sense one another; the important consequence of this insight reinforces the golden rule, while developments in the sciences, psychology and ecology – not to mention the Internet – have given us a much closer sense of interconnectedness. In addition, our mortality defines the context of our spirituality, and the NDE highlights the importance of personally developing love and wisdom. I will review these important fields and their implications for our lives.


Paneurhythmy literally means universal harmony of movement, and was developed by the Bulgarian sage Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov, 1864-1944), who wrote the music as well as choreographing the movements. Each movement is symbolic and many express the interplay of the principles of love and wisdom, enabling us to move forward in truth. I will give the background of this sacred dance sequence and teach some exercises as well as the initial movements of the Paneurhythmy itself. This all symbolises current and future harmony and cooperation between human beings, the Earth and the Sun as well as invisible spiritual realms. The benefits are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, enabling us to develop a more conscious relationship with Nature.