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Science and oriental philosophy in dialogue: towards a non-dual perspective

Shantena Augusto Sabbadini
Mauro Bergonzi

The view of the universe as an integrated whole (without real separations) is often evoked by both the non-dual philosophies of various Oriental traditions (Advaita-Vedānta, Buddhism, Taoism) and some recent developments of advanced contemporary science. By exploring this convergence between eastern non-duality and western science, some light can be shed on two related issues: the limits of human understanding and the nature of consciousness. The notion of a material universe objectively existing independently of consciousness has been powerfully challenged by quantum physics. In this workshop we will examine in depth the nature of this challenge and explore the perspective of non-separation between what we call ‘consciousness’ and what we call ‘world’. The discussion will be accompanied by specific practices aiming at facilitating the contact with our own being as direct experience.