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Sing with Tamar

Tamar St Clair

This is an invitation to explore your unique voice and the qualities of your own creativity and to share it with the group.  Enjoy the art of singing in a natural and fun way with Tamar.

“This workshop is a gift for the SOUL”.

A Group Singing Workshop for anyone who loves to sing.

The goal of this singing workshop is to connect to ourselves and to our hearts, to find the courage to open and freely express the unique voice that exists in each and every one of us.

During the workshop we will connect to the breath, movement and bring conscious listening into our bodies.  The invitation is to explore what is your unique quality and how you can sing and harmonise with the group in an empowered way.

We will sing beautiful songs from around the world, acapella and with Tamar accompanying on the piano. No previous knowledge of music or singing is required.