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Space missions: powerful tools for opening a multi-colored window to the Universe

Franco Giovannelli

With the advent of space missions it was possible to open new windows to the Universe. Indeed with launches of experiments onboard  rockets, balloons,  satellites, and international space station it was possible to avoid the shield of the Earth’s atmosphere that had forbidden the detection of most of the electromagnetic radiation coming from cosmic sources.  Space experiments, together with those ground-based, are providing fundamental results useful for a faster advancement of the knowledge of the physics of our Universe. In particular it is now possible to develop the new field of astrophysics, named “exo-planetary science” which is foreboding of fundamental news about the possibility of finding alien life in the Universe. This is a contact point between science and Buddhist vision (Shakyamuni – Siddharta Gautama Buddha) of the Universe formed by innumerable “big worlds” (galaxies) containing many places (planets) where life can flourish. This idea was also supported later by Giordano Bruno in his De l’infinito, universo e mondi, and for this he was burned alive in Campo dei Fiori (Roma) on 17th February 1600 by the “Saint Inquisition”.