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The spirituality of mathematics

Varun Agarwal

Mathematics is a beautiful tool which we use to explore this universe and understand reality around us. It has helped us to decipher realities hidden from our direct experience and even predict fundamental particles. Spirituality also involves concepts and realities which seem to be far from direct observation for the beginner. Can thus mathematics and computer science help us too in the area of spirituality, to decipher and comprehend various spiritual concepts and notions being talked in spiritual traditions before one gets direct personal experience through spiritual practices? What is surprising is that mathematicians themselves underwent these issues and questions of spirituality while encountering fundamental paradoxes during the development of mathematics over past few centuries. The most brilliant minds in mathematics such as Euler, Gauss, Boole, Mannoury, Brouwer and Gödel attempted to explore the famous questions of mind, soul, God, life after death, etc., talked in spiritual traditions providing wonderful reasons and arguments for these notions, even attempting upto the point of their ‘proofs’. The instructors will attempt to share these.