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The Butterfly Effect, Complexity, Non-Linear logics and Systemic Thinking In Artificial Intelligence

Francesco Lapenta

AI systems are based on, and are uniquely equipped to deal with non-linear systems and non-linear logics. The product of complex data sets, designed to be constantly expanded and transformed by added and diverse sets of data and trained to process diverse data qualities in meaningful ways to solve complex systemic questions AI is rooted in complexity science and non-linear logics. A complex bland of sciences and humanities  AI reason d’etre and purpose “should be based on the unique qualities and ability of machines to process and analyse real world big data, as well as their ability to project complex augmented and virtual worlds” and should be designed to be “human-centric”, meaning uniquely conceived as powerful tools and interfaces designed to interact and interface with humans in cognitively deep and rich ways in order to enhance humans ability to process complex data systems; and to empower humanity to explore alternative logic systems (and non-classical logics) that support human development, creativity, innovation, emancipation and world transformations.”