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Transformational breathwork techniques

Doris Lässer Stillwater and Michael Stillwater

Breathwork- the focused activity of breathing in a specific and consistent manner over an extended time- is a highly effective method for deepening inner process. With a long history of application throughout the world’s spiritual and indigenous traditions, breathwork is also utilized in newer forms of psychotherapy for making transformative experiences both accessible and possible.

It is truly marvelous that we each have the capacity to access elevated states through our own breathing, using a technique learned in our first session and practiced over the course of our week together.

This process has a strong meditative character, and at the same time can give new insight into several levels of consciousness.  While body-felt or emotional responses are not uncommon, our focus is not on therapeutic process, but on the subjective experience of the effects of breathing.

If this sounds interesting, you are welcome to experience breathwork during our week.