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Vito Mancuso

Vito Mancuso
Science and the Wholeness of Life
What do we really need? Some thoughts on the disease of our time
Current Position
Philosopher and theologian
Vito Mancuso is a philosopher and theologian. He taught at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele (Milan) and at the University of Padua, and he currently lectures in the master’s degree course in Neuroscience and Meditation at the University of Udine. He founded and directs the «Ethics Laboratory» of the MAST Foundation, in Bologna. His books have enjoyed considerable public acclaim and prompted much debate in the press, on television and radio. His works deal with various issues and topics: Hegel’s philosophy, illness and pain, faith, the nature of God, the soul, eternal life, authenticity, love, freedom, beauty, ethics and the cardinal virtues, courage, fear, the meaning of life. His thought is the subject of a monograph published in Germany (Essentials of Catholic Radicalism. An Introduction to the Lay Theology of Vito Mancuso), and can be defined overall as a «philosophy of relationships». He is columnist for the Italian national daily newspaper La Stampa.