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Nature and the Sacred

Hortense Reintjens

Cultures always change. So they do in our millenary. We have to choose paths for the future: looking forward and also looking backward for better understanding. An appeal is sent to the human race to hear the cries of nature. By new technocratic world dominations nature has degraded in this “Age of Money, the Kapitalozän” to a “product” and a “field of experiments”. The sacredness of nature got lost. At the same time yearning occurs for a return of the sacred and an ethical orientation to change one´s ways. A cure of the many devastations does not only need well-grounded knowledge but wisdom too.The world-outlook of spiritual traditions of mankind presents also nowadays such wisdom. Reflexion on the wise paths of our cultural ancestors should be noticed in order to hear again their messages of nature. While looking for our paths for today and the future we should reflect on their footsteps, but not copy them.

1. Soulful Cosmos in Shamanism, with “Voices from Tuva/Siberia” CD;

2. Sacred elements in Zoroastrianism, recent research on animal´s languages and songs;

3. Cosmotheism: Baruch Spinoza “deus sive natura” and his “come back” in our time.