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Sustainable buildings – Liveable Cities

Joachim Eble

Medicine and Architecture are related subjects. Their core mission is, to create healing and beneficial living spaces

– medicine in our body and mind

– architecture in our living and built environment

Both orientations are depending on each other.

Noble prize winner Konrad Lorenz called this interdependence

– nature in us and the

– nature around us

In architecture we use the conception of the “Third Skin” for buildings and neighborhoods, both healthy and sustainable for man and nature. 

The use of natural materials, free from poison and radiation and the creation of a wellbeing indoor climate are some aspects of the biological orientation in architecture Resource – management and preservation with a holistic circular economy of soil, water, material and energy are aspects of the ecological dimension of architecture and urban planning.

In my opinion solutions are only available, if we follow the path of depth ecology. 

There are manifold holistic design methodologies and scientific planning tools creating a liveable environment in harmony of man and nature. 

Ecobuildings, ecovillages, ecocities and ecoregions are the planning challenges towards a sustainable planning culture – now! 

In my lecture I will give a short summary on

– health and cities

– bioclimatic cities

– circular economy

– zero carbon, zero waste

– decentralized structures, ecostations

– bluegreen infrastructure, urban gardening

– city of short distances,

– participation of inhabitants

– genius loci, geomantic practicing